JavaScript Tutorials

by Yogesh Chauhan

Welcome to my Website!

Here's the quick info about my website...

Last update was made in API and Essays Sections...on April 14, 2020

Why did I create this website?

The purpose of this website is to include everything I learn throughout the my last semester of school and it will serve as a tutorial for anyone who wants to learn JavaScript.

How did I choose different font-combination?

To make the website look different in various elements, I have added different fonts. I have used to make the combination but there are many different websites which will give you tons of options for different types of needs.

How did I choose different color-combination?

Most of the different color combination you see on this website is simply from BootStrap classes. There are many websites for example, etc. from which we can make really goof color combination. BUT I BELIEVE IN SIMPLE COLOR COMBINATION. TOO MANY COLORS MAKE WEBSITE LOOK BAD.